The Buick Phoenix

$ 299.00

 The Buick Phoenix is a hood ornament from a 1935 Buick.

This depiction has been colorized to reflect a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Love the hood ornaments from the early luxury automobiles.  Can you imagine sitting behind the wheel of your straight 8 Buick in 1935 with her leading the charge to your next adventure.

Purchase this 14x12  inch Giclee Print on 19x13 inch archival paper.

See the image of the framed image to see the final look with the frame.

Overall Size with Frame will be aprox  21-22 inches tall by 14-16  inches wide

          All "copyright" symbols will not appear on the print you receive

Each 14x12  inch image is printed on 13x19 inch archival paper, you will receive a  inch print with borders ready for mounting.

Signed on the border by the artist